KIT + MING // Chinese: 夢の廚 (Trans: Kitchen of Dreams) || Eng: Party Tray

Hong Kong is synonymous with street style food — from the fishballs to stinky tofu and fried chestnuts to egg waffles. As a little girl growing up in Hong Kong, this was Kit’s playground. Kit used to hang out at the local open-air market where her parents sold garments from a stall. She and the other children at the market would play and explore together while their parents were hard at work. She remembers the smell of freshly made fried foods, steaming hot buns, and curry soups that would fill the market air. Eating at these carts was special for Kit because during brief breaks, she would eat together with her parents as a family. Even as a young adult, Kit continued to eat cart noodles four days a week, when she would be able to see all the people she had known for years eating together as one big neighborhood.

Now living in the US and a mother herself, Kit has teamed up with friend Ming to start a food business with the help of their kids. Kit and her family are full of culinary enthusiasts. Kit’s daughter, Vanessa, attended an intensive summer pastry camp at Laney College, while both Kit and Ming work part-time at local Oakland restaurants in Chinatown. Ming’s son, Zhilin, currently attends UC Davis and is an avid graphic designer who has worked on business logos for the family business.

kitpartytray copy[“Party Tray” logo by Zhilin]

Together, they currently run a small neighborhood catering business (Party Tray or 夢の廚) that offers fun French pastries and sushi platters for local Chinatown restaurants and community parties. However, they would love to find a way to offer authentic HK street food to a wider audience of adventurous eaters. Most Americans know Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine only as dim sum and lo mein, but there’s so much more to explore.

As part of the Open Test Kitchen, Kit and her family would like to test and share some of Kit’s signature HK street food dishes: curry fishball, grilled turnip cake, and curry cart noodle soup.

GET TO KNOW KIT + MING ABOUT:  An insider’s take on Oakland Chinatown || Raising kids in America || Best HK food to try in the Bay Area || How their families met || Vanessa’s (Kit’s daughter) summer culinary program || Zhilin’s (Ming’s son) first year in college

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