Meet Ramon from Cuba!

Ramon arrived in California as an asylee looking for a new start and a better life. After participating in our first food training course in 2015, Ramon landed his first job in America at Oakland’s beloved Hawker Fare Restaurant. Starting as a prep cook, he now works as a line cook and is having a blast doing it! Ramon’s long-term goal is to create a Cuban Restaurant with his family.


Meet Chef Pahwah from Burma!

Pahwah arrived as a refugee from Thailand. With previous food business experience, Pahwah wanted to recreate her signature dishes for the American market. Through Oakland Bloom’s Entrepreneurship Training program, Pahwah catered a 3-series event at Stanford University under the brand name Burma Bento, and continues to do catering events around the Bay Area. Pahwah’s long-term goal is to create a food business that reflects her specialties in both Burmese and Thai cuisines.


Meet Chef Sara from Eritrea!

Sara arrived as a refugee from Eritrea. With a passion for learning, Sara enrolled in Oakland Bloom’s latest entrepreneurship program where she created Mahaza Cafe. With Oakland Bloom, Sara created a special menu and hosted several private catering events in Bay Area. Sara is currently working on a new product for sales at local farmers markets. Sara’s long-term goal is to expand Mahaza Cafe and eventually open up a small shop in the East Bay.