ORN + SAMBATH // Garden House, Healthy and Affordable American Fare

Orn Sok and Sambath Ky came to the U.S. as refugees in the early 1980s. They met in Oakland when they moved into a four-unit apartment building that was occupied entirely by Cambodian families. Some years later, they found work at a small diner near Lake Merritt, where they made classic American fare as part of an entirely Cambodian staff. Their journey from Cambodia to the U.S., from their past to their present life, has been one of reconciliation. Though it was inevitable that they’d have to assimilate to an American lifestyle, they found community, support, and opportunities through a network of fellow Cambodians.

Orn and Sambath now continue to work side-by-side as the managers of Garden House, a popular lunch kitchen in the heart of Downtown. After spending over 20 years making American food for the people of Oakland, they are excited to be able to share Cambodian cuisine in their neighborhood through Oakland Bloom’s night market.

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